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Hello! This is a multi-fandom but FMA themed blog (though SNK has somewhat taken over haha). Warning: this blog is not spoiler free (though I try to tag my spoilers). Also, I tend to reblog mostly SNK and FMA at the moment, but that changes. xD And finally, if you want a specific fandom/anime, look at the LINKS below!! Thanks for visiting and feel free to message me! x]

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Free! Eternal Summer Ep 02 » Mikoshiba Momotora 
Even Homer sometimes nods

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atla/lok parallels: combustion benders getting killed by their own bending

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The Souls of the Depraved

Not quite a panel redraw but I felt compelled to recreate this scene. 

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[ No one deserves this… ]

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Team 7 VS Ice Bucket Challenge! | {x}

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When you try to act tough about losing someone close but then you fall apart :’(

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Make Me Choose:  Skyward Sword Zelda or Twilight Princess Zelda?

team 7: then & now

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Pencil test of Chief Lin Beifong.


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